GF Tactician has a slight difference compared to the  GF Protector. It still is basically a tank, but it’s potential to buff up offense is much higher while the ability to keep everyone alive has been slightly lowered.



Gear Orientation : Build towards Defense (Up to a Damage Resistance of 80%), HP, and Recovery (Recharging Speed).

Feats Tree :



  • Slightly Better buffs
  • High AP regeneration
  • AP regeneration for the entire party


  • Low DPS
  • Easily beaten 1 vs 1 in PVP
  • Slightly faster guard consumption
  • No additional feats to improve party’s defensive resistance

Race : Human (extra heroic feats, 3% defense bonus)

Ability Score  :


Putting a few points in Int helps reduce your cool-downs a bit. With 18 Int(with bonfire buff) + 10k recovery + Aura of Wisdom you can keep ITF up 100% of the time.

Paragon Path : Sword Master (steel defense is your best friend)

Boons :

You’ll want a good amount of Recovery along with your Defense. Take as much Stamina/Guard regeneration as you can and plenty of survivability feats.

Powers Build (link to build through simulator)

Must Have Powers :

  1. Fighter_Classfeature_Steeldefense Steel Defense
  2. Fighter_Classfeature_Enhancedmark Enhanced Mark
  3. 64px-Fighter_3_Encounter_Rainofblows.png Into the Fray
  4. 64px-Fighter_1_Encounter_Enforcedthreat.png Enforced Threat
  5. Fighter_1_Daily_Fightersrecovery.png Fighter’s Recovery
  6. 64px-Fighter_1_Encounter_Spinningsweep Griffon’s Wrath

Playing style:


Buff self with Into the fray, kill mobs with AoE damage with Enforced Threat and Weapon master’s Strike. When HP get’s critical activate Fighter’s Recovery. Anvil of Doom provides a good finisher to kill off mobs before they heal back up.


For easy party runs, buff with Into the Fray, spam Enforced Threat to keep aggro, when facing boss replace Enforced Threat with Griffon’s Wrath. 

(This is where the tactician separates himself from the protector)

Spam Into the Fray to buff up your party’s damage, then use Enforced Threat to mark mobs, with Enhanced Mark and Enhanced Mark off-hand power you reduce your mobs DR by 5%. When fighting boss replace Enforced Threat with Griffon’s Wrath.

*** Running with an Oathbound Paladin – Turn off Knight’s Valor when he has Divine Protector activated.


Black Ice Prospector : +5% Damage Resistance vs AoE

Neverember Guard : On damage taken 1% chance to heal 1% of Max HP

Rust Monster : On damage taken 25% chance to inflict 5% damage debuff on attacker

Chicken : On damage taken +40% Movement Speed and -10% damage debuff on your attacker if you take damage greater than 25% Maximum HP in a single blow

Sylph : +50% Control Resist

Summoned Companion :


The best way to boost your Defense through Bondings. It’s a little tricky trying to keep aggro, this companion will definitely lure away some of your mobs and even the boss. You have to keep your eye on him and stay close to him. You can take back aggro if you spam mark on a certain target.

Mount Insignia Set-up:


There are some Insignias here that you can choose to swap out for more survivability or even stats, but I chose this setup because I prefer to have more movement with Gladiator’s Gulle and Some RP for my toons with Wanderer’s Fortune.