Feats Tree

GF Protectors are one of the easier to use PVE builds of guardian fighter when you are still starting out in Neverwinter.


  • Better tanking ability
  • Hitting opponents also lowers their damage
  • Better guard regeneration
  • Buff offense and defense of party


  • Low DPS
  • Less AP recharging buffs compared to tactician

Race : Human (extra heroic feats, 3% defense bonus)

Ability Score  :


Ability Score

Paragon Path : Sword Master (steel defense is your best friend)

Powers Build (link to build through simulator)

Boons :

Boons 1


Boons 2

Dead Ring

Boons 3

Icewind Dale

Boons 4


Boons 5

Tyranny of Dragons

Must Have Powers :

  1. Fighter_Classfeature_Steeldefense Steel Defense
  2. Fighter_Classfeature_Enhancedmark Enhanced Mark
  3. 64px-Fighter_3_Encounter_Rainofblows.png Into the Fray
  4. Fighter_1_Encounter_Knightsvalor.png Knight’s Valor
  5. 64px-Fighter_1_Encounter_Enforcedthreat.png Enforced threat
  6. Fighter_1_Daily_Fightersrecovery.png Fighter’s recovery

Gear Orientation : Build towards Defense (Up to a Damage Resistance of 80%), HP, and Recovery (Recharging Speed).

Playing style:


Buff self with Into the fray, kill mobs with AoE damage with Enforced Threat and Weapon master’s Strike. When HP get’s critical activate Fighter’s Recovery. Anvil of Doom provides a good finisher to kill off mobs before they heal back up.


For easy party runs, buff with Into the Fray, spam Enforced Threat to keep aggro. In epic dungeons/skirmishes, keep your shield up. Only use Into the Fray when you absolutely sure you will not die, try to activate a Steel Defense with a daily power before you cast Into the Fray if you are in a pinch. Spam Enforced Threat often to keep your guard meter from getting depleted.

*** Running with an Oathbound Paladin – Do not use Knight’s Valor when he has Divine Protector activated.