Let’s start with the Companions:



So the new augment companions come in both epic and legendary rank. The three new augment companions are actually quite useful, and if you are lucky enough to get it at legendary then you just saved yourself the one million astral diamonds needed to upgrade from epic to legendary.

The new artifact is the horn of Valhalla, not to be confused withe horn of Lostmauth.


The Horn of Valhalla’s ability is actually quite strange compared to existing artifacts in the game, to say the least. Considering its stats is maxHP, crit, and combat advantage, I can’t see it being used that often.

Now to the meat of the new lock box. The new common packs for the new lockbox has given us players something to actually gain  from opening them. Starting with the companion augment pack.


Looks like they are going to finally drop upgrade tokes, some much needed good news for all players out there who are not looking forward to using astral diamonds to upgrade their companions. Very good news indeed, and this is still the first one.

Next, we have the genie’s dusky footwear pack.


This a pretty good step up from just two genie’s gift. not only do you get an extra genie’s gift, but you also get a dusk gear with it.

The last one I’m going to include here is the Grazilass’s artifact. Nothing noteworthy for the new enchantment’s pack so I might as well end the post with this one.


What is really noteworthy here is that this pack also drops a cube of augmentation, possibly even two. That’s 12,500 astral diamond’s each! Everyone has been needing this box since Underdark started. We’ve been shelling out so much astral diamonds to get that perfect power from our new artifact gears, and now finally the new lockbox has come to alleviate the astral diamond bleeding.

Thank you cryptic for this, and happy box opening to everyone!