One of the most frequent questions I encounter when it comes to new guardian fighters is: “which of the three feats path is the best to take.” Simple answer is: “it all depends on what you want to do with your guardian fighter.” Basically all three can do the same things but at the same time there are critical differences between them. So, on this post I’m going to break the three types of guardian fighters down to their usual roles. (Updated for Mod 10).


The conqueror basically has one undeniable strength compared to the other two, DPS. The conqueror’s feats leading to its capstone will add large amounts of burst damage to the guardian fighter’s powers. In PVE, the conqueror can still use Into the Fray to buff up himself and his party. For sustainability, Conqueror’s can use Knight’s Valor to keep everyone healthy. In the end, the best way to describe a conqueror is a sudden burst damage dealer with excellent survivability.


The protector is the most well rounded of the three paths. They still have the buffing capabilities expected from Guardian Fighters, and the protector is definitely the hardiest of the three paths. The protector can also do reasonably well in PVP, but it’s at a disadvantage compared to the conqueror. Protectors win PVP encounters by slowly wearing down opponents down before landing a finishing blow.

The protector’s best strength is his ability to keep his party alive better than any of the other feat paths. The protector’s capstone allows him to reduce the damage of opponents by up to 20%, while Brawling Warrior feat allows the protector to improve his defensive resistance by 5% when he uses Knight’s Valor and improves threat generation of Enforced Threat. The protector also has the option to improve his deflection to further improve his defense. In summary, the protector is tougher, retains aggro, and keeps his party alive better than the other paths.

Additional note: Based on my experience, the protector is the best type of guardian fighter to have if your guild is having a hard time with the dragon flight event. The Protector’s ability to lower a dragon’s damage by 20% is a huge boost to the dragon flight raid group.


The Tactician is the very definition of a buffer in Neverwinter. The Tactician will not fair that well in PVP during one-on-one encounters. However, the Tactician can still get by in PVP by greatly improving his party’s offensive capabilities. 

In PVE tacticians will make most dungeon delves much faster. The tactician’s Into the Fray buff is usually better than the other paths because of the Inspiring Leader feat. Rousing Speech plus the Tactician capstone makes for faster AP recharge rates for the entire party. In summary, Tacticians do a better job of buffing up the party’s offensive output, but keeping his party alive is not his main strength (this will be a problem in very high difficulty content).