In this post you will find questions that all Neverwinter starters should ask and the best answers I can give for those questions. These are basically all the information that I wish I knew when I first started playing Neverwinter. If you are still new to Neverwinter, wondering if you should play it, or an old player who left too early and is wondering if he should come back, then I hope these answers will help you.

This is a guide posted on January 27, 2016 for Neverwinter PC.  I’m indicating the date here since many things change in Neverwinter and most of time. The most recent guide is the best guide.

  • Is Neverwinter Pay to Win?

Let us first discuss the two main currencies in Neverwinter. The currency that you purchase using real money is called Zen, while the most important currency generated in-game is called astral diamonds (there are several currencies in the game). Zen is used to purchase in-game services, unlocking the dragon born race, mounts, keys to open lockboxes, powerful companions, etc. Astral diamonds are used to purchase items from other players through the auction house, purchase important refining ingredients from the wondrous bazaar, upgrading stronghold buildings, and many more.


Now, Neverwinter allows you to purchase Zen from other players through a Zen exchange market. Since it takes a lot of time and effort to grind astral diamonds, players who do not want to spend too much time farming would rather purchase Zen and trade them for astral diamonds with other players. So, this effectively puts all players in a position to purchase any item in the game through grinding or through using real money. If you have the time and don’t want to spend real money, then you can grind astral diamonds and exchange it for Zen if needed. If you don’t have the time and don’t mind spending money, then you can purchase zen and exchange it for astral diamonds. To answer the question, there is some element of “pay to win” in Neverwinter, but I would rather describe it as “pay to win early”. Free players can still achieve what a paying player has, but it will take more time to get it.

To answer the question, there is some element of “pay to win” in Neverwinter, but I would rather describe it as “pay to win early”. Free players can still achieve what a paying player has, but it will take more time to get it.

  • What is the max level?

The maximum level in the game is currently 70. But getting to max level is not where the game ends, but rather where the game really starts. Item level is the standard way to gauge a player’s strength, but this is not accurate as well. Companions and guild boons can greatly improve a player’s strength without increasing his item level. So, in the end, while item level can be used to gauge a players strength, you should not rely on it alone.


  • How long will it take me to get to max level?

Playing 4 hours a day it should take you a roughly week to get to max level provided that you don’t get stuck in quests. Usually, players take longer because they get lost, or because they are confronted with a challenge that they are not strong enough to finish. There are plenty of quests in the game that require a party so it’s a really good idea to make friends in-game and try to do quests together.

There are plenty of ways to level up faster in the game. Aside from the experience booster found in the zen market, slotting azure enchantments into your utility slots or joining a guild with experience bonus boons will speed up your leveling. But, I would suggest taking your time in leveling your character rather than speed grinding your way to max level.

  • What should I be doing in this game while I am on my way to max level?

In the previous questions, I provided information about leveling to 70.  Now, you must know that you will not hit max level when you finish all the quests in the game. If you go straight into finishing all the quests in a mad rush to get to 70, you will probably end up at lvl 68 with no quests to do and a lot of xp left to get to 70. At this point, you will have to take a slow grind that is extremely frustrating and boring. So, as much as possible you should take your time getting to 70.

I would suggest making a 2nd character on your first day, and to level 11 right away. Level 11  characters will get the “invoking the gods quest”,which will unlock invoking. Invoking will get your character a ton of xp, and currencies. Completing an invocation cycle will get your character enough experience to level up at least once a day while still at low levels.


*this is the old queue system, but the new system is basically the same, just check the boxes of the dungeons you want to join.

At level 30 onward, be sure to run dungeons and skirmishes twice a day. This is a good way to get to know the game better, and to start farming astral diamonds, gold, other useful items, and a little bit of xp to help you on your way to 70. At this time, you should talk to Harper Boward in protector’s Enclave and start your “Tyranny of Dragons” Campaign. This will be your introduction to the campaign aspect of Neverwinter. All campaigns will have daily and weekly quests, so be sure to go back to Harper Boward every day.


Harper Boward location in Protector’s Enclave


Tyranny of Dragons Campaign (Other campaigns are locked while you are below 70)

It will also be a good idea to join a guild. Joining a guild will get you additional daily quests from the stronghold to get more XP and gold.

If you are brave enough you can also farm PVP for extra astral diamonds. You get astral diamonds for your first two PVP matches, but you have to reach a minimum amount of points during the match. Be warned, the PVP queue is very long and it will take even longer for lower levels. Don’t be surprised if you get pummeled in pvp, lots of old players are experimenting and playing around with their low level high geared character there.

  • What do I do with all this stuff in my very limited bag space?

If you did what I suggested in the previous question, you will find your bags filled up with items that you really don’t know what to do with. Firstly you should sell low-level injury kits and potions to NPC shops for gold. Secondly, if you already have an artifact, use all your extra enchantments to refine it.  Don’t bother refining low-level enchantments, eventually, you’ll be getting tons of lvl 5 enchantments. The only things worth saving are refining stones, though you can go ahead and get rid of the minor & lesser marks of potency(you will not be needing these).  Be sure to check your bank in protector’s enclave. You can deposit some of your items there. Don’t be afraid to sell your old equipment, if they are too low level for you.

refining stones.png

How to Identify Refining Stones

  • What do I do first when I hit max level?

When you hit lvl 70, the game will start to introduce you to the other campaigns. This should probably be your first priority but we need to get ready because you might find the campaigns too difficult at this point.

Is your 2nd character already 60? If not, continue farming your now level 70 main character in dungeons, skirmishes, and pvp(if you don’t mind), while getting your 2nd character to 60.

Do you already have a 2nd character at lvl 60? Then it is time to start the vault of the nine quest. Talk to Jarlaxle in protector’s enclave.


Jarlaxle Baenre


Jarlaxle’s location in Protector’s Enclave

When you start the vault of the nine quest it is probably a good idea to get a little help for this, so find a someone to help you. If you have a guild, ask in guild for help, if not then try asking in zone. If you want to do this yourself then you should probably gear yourself properly. Hopefully, you have already amassed quite a few astral diamonds at this point. Buy some lvl 70 rare/blue slotted gears and some rank 7 enchants to slot into your gears. Equip your best companion with purple companion gears and rank 8 runestones from the auction house. Just follow the entries below. Be sure to buy the correct gears, different companions require different types of gears.


Gearing your companion

When you finally finish the vault of the nine quest you will be given your class sigil, at the same time your class sigil is also available to your other characters thought the rewards NPC. This is why you now need to finish the vault of the nine quests with your 2nd character. Your 2nd character’s sigil will also be available to claim for your main character.


Rewards NPC

Now you should have the following:

  1. Lvl 70 gears with rank 7 enchants.
  2. 4 artifacts (2 from vault of the nine, 1 from artifact recovery, 1 from Dwarven King quest)
  3. A fully geared companion.


You should now be ready to face the end game challenges of Neverwinter. Go get your boons from your campaigns, and start exploring other dungeons. I will be posting a guide for players that just reached lvl 70 soon.