The event NPC will once again be present in Protector’s Enclave. Visit him right away and he will provide you with the information you seek. He will also provide you with a quest to finish 5 challenges.


Event NPC


List of Challenges

As you kill mobs around Neverwinter, a random challenge will drop from one of them. You may pick up this challenge and you will receive a quest log for your challenge.


A challenge from the gods!


You will receive a quest log for you current challenge.

Finish off the challenge, and you will receive a Gift of the Gods pack.


Gift of the Gods

Finish off the quest from the event NPC and you get a Blessed Gift of the Gods. This a daily quest so you can do this every day which each of your characters.


Blessed Gift of the Gods


Blessed Gift of the Gods upclose

So, is this event worth taking the time to do? I think you will find that what is most noteworthy about this “Blessed Gift of the Gods” is that it has a chance of dropping a Forgedhammer of Gond, which is terribly needed if you want to do masterwork profession quests for your Stronghold Artifact gear. This event is definitely worth doing. Also, you get up to rank 6 enchantments from the Gift of the Gods bag at double the rate since it is x2 enchantment weekend. I hope this guide helped.