This post is about how I usually run Epic Demogorgon with guild mates and friends and a few quick tips for you, so hopefully you too can always get a gold score on every run. Now, I am showing you Epic Demogorgon, but since Normal Demogorgon is just an easier version of it, then you can basically just apply the same principles and get the same results if not better.


We usually have at least two utility classes in our party, it depends on which classes are available. Any combination of the three utility classes will work fine. In fact, having all three classes is also a good idea as long as you can all coordinate your buffs and debuffs. Make sure that you have quality DPS, you don’t want someone with high item levels if his gears are all wrong. This is why I always discourage pushing for item levels just so you can run dungeons, it won’t matter if you have high item levels, if you are a liability to the team you will always have a hard time getting good results.

***Queue Group update***
With the implementation of the new queue system, I suggest having two parties following the above configuration. However, if one party is strong enough, who cares who’s on the second party.


Madness Counter

First thing to know about the Demogorgon fight is that you will have madness stacks on your status bar. When you reach 16 madness stacks you will be silenced and you can not use encounters or dailies, and the only way to clear your madness stack is to go to the blue circles on the ground called sanity wells. You obtain madness stacks from Demogorgon’s attacks and one particular AoE attack happens periodically and can not be avoided. Demogorgon also has a madness attack which looks like a purple laser beam which will not only damage you, it will also stack your madness up quickly.

*** Quick recommendation for GF’s in Demogorgon Phase 1


As you can see I have a full buffing + debuffing rotation on my panel since we have an OP to tank Demogorgon. I have my Lathander’s artifact as my main so I can easily resurrect our OP just in case he falls. I prefer having an OP tank Demogorgon, you can’t use Steel Defense to prevent his damage and you can’t use Fighters Recover to steal life from him so it’s usually better to have an OP tank him instead. But if you end up being tasked with having to tank him, you should use a damage mitigation rotation, i.e. Bull Charge, Iron Warrior, etc… Just lure Demogrogon away from the group while staying relatively close to your sanity well so you can cleanse your madness stacks if you need. Be sure not to lure him into the sanity well itself.

End of quick recommendation ***

Now, on to phase 1. The objective here is to close tears, and kill any mobs that escape from it. There will be three type of tears, green blue and purple. Each color gives a corresponding amount of points, and you will be given a fixed amount of time to get as many points as you can, until you reach a gold score. Purple tears give the highest amount of points but will also spawn the toughest mobs. We find it most efficient to only go for the purple tears exclusively even though the mobs they spawn may take a while to take down, the score it gives more than makes up for it.


Purple Tears

Throughout this entire phase, Demogorgon will be walking around the map, dealing damage that pierces through Steel Defense and Divine Protector while being immune to damage himself, so you will want to lure away Demogorgon from the rest of the group. We usually have our pally cast Divine Protector on us while tanking Demogorgon. The rest of the group will close purple tears and focus down on mobs that spawn from it quickly. Since there is only one purple tear on the map at a time, you will want to kill these mobs quickly so the next purple tear spawns right away. Be sure to keep an eye on your madness counter, we usually start heading for the sanity well as soon as we see our madness stacks hit ten.

Phase 2, the object here is to kill the demon Goristro while Demogorgon sits back and watches. Demogorgon will still be a pain in this phase as he will be casting his madness laser beams on the entire group from time to time, so you need to watch out for that. There are two ways to damage Goristro here, you can damage him with DPS and you can also damage him by directing his charges towards the yellow portals. Every few seconds Goristrso will charge a random member of your raid, so everyone has to be ready for this.


Goristro with both yellow and black portals in the background

What we usually do here is to position ourselves between Goristro and the yellow portal so if he charges any of us, it will only take a small adjustment to get him to charge into the yellow portal. Now, the black portals actually heal Goristro for a huge amount of HP, so we avoid it at all cost. The golden rule for us here is “if you are out of position for the yellow portal, it is better that Goristro hits nothing rather than a black portal”. After Goristro charges, we always head for a sanity well to cleanse our madness and to check where the next yellow portal will be before charging back in.


Demogorgon Mandess Beams during Phase 2

If Demogorgon casts his madness beams, try to head for a sanity well and stay in it during the attack to prevent the massive damage it deals, but still be ready for the possibility of Goristro charging you. There is usually a sanity well near the yellow portal, so you should try to head for those as much as you can. If you are feeling heroic and you sense the possibility that Goristro is about to charge, you can just stand your ground and hope that he charges you and that you are in position for the yellow portal. Just concentrate on dealing as much DPS as you can while getting Goristro to charge into the yellow portal and you should get gold for phase 2
Phase 3 is extremely straight forward. You now get to kill Demogorgon. There will be a timer, which will slowly turn from gold to silver to bronze. To score a gold run you have to get gold on all three phases. So if you got gold on the last two phases, you don’t want to mess this one up.


Demogorgon will still be doing his usual attacks from phase 1 plus the madness beams on phase 2, but now he is no longer immune to damage. There are usually 3 sanity wells around him, but he is usually standing on one of them. While Demogorgon is standing on a sanity well, you will not be able to cleanse your madness in it. We usually just him lure away from the sanity well in order to use it. Another option is to lure Demogorgon to the center of the map so he is in between all the sanity wells. Either way, it is always best to have all sanity wells available for cleansing as it is near impossible to kill him on time while silenced with madness. Once again, always stay inside a sanity well whenever he casts his madness beams. As long everything goes as planned, getting gold out of phase 3 should be relatively easier compared to phase 2.

So, gold on phase 1, gold on phase 2, and finally gold on phase 3. Easy gold normal/epic Demogorgon run.