With the arrival of the changes in the trade bar store, I felt the need to get something out here and hope that people will not be too disheartened by the recent changes.


It’s Gone!

We all know what the recent changes are. It has caused some very stressful and demoralizing discussions in forums, zone chat, even in party and guild chat. It has not been easy for anyone, especially for guild officers. We have been part of helping everyone get their gears or at least be on the way to getting their gears, then Cryptic suddenly throws us a curve ball.

In case you still don’t know what I’m talking about, coalescent wards, preservation wards, and blood rubies have been removed from the trade bar store.

For a lot of us who have been around long enough, we all knew that this day would come. We hoped it wouldn’t, but we had had an inkling that this day would come.

Luckily for me, I was able to spend a good portion of the past four months pushing out as many enchantments as my AD and trade bar farming allowed me. This has resulted with two transcendent, three perfect, two greater, one normal, and two lesser enchantments in my inventory. Which means that I can make any character I want and I can still gear him appropriately unless I decide to sell some of them.


Nearly four months of enchantment crafting

Anyway, moving on with what I wanted to post here.

I would like share my plans on how I would survive these changes as a Newbie in Neverwinter.

1.) What to do with your freebie? Hopefully, you didn’t use it to craft a Bronzewood enchantment. Use it to make the most expensive enchantment available. Check AH, which enchantments are selling at the highest price and craft that.


Cryptic’s apology package

Trade your newly crafted enchantment instead of selling in AH. If you want another enchantment instead of the one you have, it’s a better idea to trade it by offering it on PE. If the enchantment you want is cheaper than the one you just made, you can ask for additional items like, say, a companion you can use, just negotiate with the person you are trading with.

You can use your free blood ruby to refine your newly created enchantment. People put more value on enchantments that are ready to be upgraded.

2.) VIP is still worth it. You will hear people complain that they will stop getting VIP because they only got it to buy wards with trade bars that they get  from the daily enchanted keys. This might be true, but there is no doubt that VIP still pays for itself from the drops you get from lockboxes, especially for the New Life Lockbox.

3.) The celestial coffer is the free player’s path to wards for now. Continue your invocations, be sure to collect your 2 celestial coins every day and use it to buy celestial coffers whenever you can afford it. If you have an empty character slot, make a new one and make him your new invocation slave. If you’re are out of character space, buy more. Five characters should be fine, but the more you have the better.


I would suggest waiting til you have 30 or more celestial coffers before opening them, for some reason wards seem to have a higher chance of dropping when you open them in bulk. I have altered between opening coffers immediately and hoarding them first, and opening at least 30 at a time has consistently given better results.

*** celestial coffers are account bound, so you can transfer these coffers between characters.

4.) Be on the lookout for bargain deals. Up until now, it has been easy to see your progress as you slowly grind your way to your perfect weapon or armor enchantment. But, with the removal of wards for the trade bar store, the only way new enchantments is to buy them. And they are expensive once again.

The good new is; there are plenty of people who hoarded these wards or made enchantments hoping to sell them at a higher price later on. Eventually, something will happen and some of these people will want to get AD fast. They will want to sell some of their wards or enchantments on the cheap, so be sure to be on the look out for these. Always check the auction house if you have nothing else to do.


Checking consignments that are about to expire can be a good source of bargains


5.) Keep grinding away. If you stop trying, then you will never get there.

I hope this advice helped you get a better perspective on the game and its changes. Always remember that there are still plenty of ways to get rich in Neverwinter, you just have to find the method that fits you the best.