The power balances are in and I’m pretty sure this is just the first wave. Regardless of what comes next, these nerfs are a real doozy for most of us. In order to adapt, we will really have to change the way we play.

So, here’s my quick guide in how to approach the latest changes in Neverwinter.


Lostmauth Set

In case you didn’t know, the lostmauth set added an additional 100% damage to your crit that scaled with power and buffs. But, on the tool tip, the damage the set should deal is supposed to be based on weapon damage. So, Cryptic decided to remove the scaling of the lostmauth set.

This makes sense, the previous state of the Lostmauth set has put all the other artifact sets to shame.

So, if you are a DPS character that uses Lostmauth set, expect your damage to drop significantly. On CW i tested an almost 30% drop in my DPS compared to before.

Still, this does not remove Lostmauth as the best artifact set for crit-based damage dealer builds. It will increase DPS by up to 20% compared to all the other artifact sets, except the Demogorgon set.

Some people say that the new artifact set actually improves damage. But, seeing that it is very rare and expensive, Lostmauth will still be the staple for DPS build gears.

Oathbound Paladin

  • Divine Protector: Duration reduced to 3 seconds plus 1 second per additional rank (6 second max, down from 20 second max).
  • Divine Protector: Now reduces all damage you take while active by 50%, down from 80%.

Goodbye perma-bubble! Oathbound pallys will no longer guarantee the safety of the group. Divine Protector will now only last 6 seconds, 14 seconds down from it’s previous state. Since the best OP’s still take 10 seconds to recharge their AP, this mean that there will be a 4 second gap where players need to be carefull. In addition to reducing DP time, pally’s will also take more damage from the daily.

The solution is to be vigilant the entire time. Don’t take any unnecessary damage and more importantly don’t run ahead. I still see GWF’s running ahead in dungeon delves only to die. Let the OP tank!

Binding Oath will be a big deal now for tank pallys. By all mean, spam this encounter while waiting for your AP to recharge. It’s probably not a good idea to use Relentless Assault in group runs now.

Devoted Cleric

  • Feats: Gift of Haste: Now grants AP over 5 seconds, instead of instantly. If you are already affected by Gift of Haste, having it applied to you again will refresh the duration.
  • Feats: Gift of Haste: Now places a buff icon on the recipient, instead of popping up combat floating text with every application.
  • Feats: Gift of Haste: When casting Healing Word, Gift of Haste no longers fail to apply to the caster in certain circumstances.


This is actually not that big of a deal. It just takes a little more time to recharge AP but Gift of Haste is by no mean useless now. It is still a big boost for everyone. You get a free respec on your DC so you might want to consider getting it if you don’t have it yet.