(Post updated for Mod 10) In my opinion, the Huner Ranger is the most enjoyable class to play in Neverwinter. Of course, this does not mean that it is the best class. It’s not exactly the best at

In my opinion, the Huner Ranger is the most enjoyable class to play in Neverwinter. Of course, this does not mean that it is the best class. It’s not exactly the best at dps nor is it a viable buffer Class, and tanking is definitely out of the question. One other issue with Huner Ranger as a whole, is that the Trapper is the only good path to take

Well, at least, Trappers are fun to play. The path is pure encounter executions. You basically rarely ever use at-wills and dailies. You will always have an encounter cooled-down so you will always be doing something really cool.

I. Gears and Ability Roll


Wheel of Elements is very key here. It gives you an instant 30% damage boost as long as you make sure you catch that flame buff. I’ve opted for the Lostmauth set because it is a good cost-effective option, but if you can afford the Underdark artifact set, it will give you better damage.

Dread Enchantment is flat out the best weapon enchantment for Trappers. As previously stated, encounters will be the source of almost all the damage this build dishes out.

For gear stats, try to get some arm pen, at least 60% resistance ignored is good enough. You’ll want to pump out as much crit as you can. 50% is ok, but you can try to aim for 60%. Power pretty easy to obtain in terms of gears, you will always have plenty of this stat from any gear you choose so I would not be too concerned about it. For defensive stats, you will want life-steal and deflect.

II. Feats


Basically, just think about doing as much damage as possible while changing stances. Get yoru cooldown and encounter boosting feats. You’ll want to avoid AP feats because you don’t need them.

It terms of path, I like the Path Finder better. Careful attack at-will will add a pretty good buff that will improve your dps.

III. Boons





Very straight forward approach for Boons. The HR-Trapper is basically a dodger, life-stealing, crit based damage dealer. So, get the boons that help you get to that specific purpose.

IV. Encounters

This is where the Trapper becomes versatile.

Mod 10 updated pure DPS

HR Mod 10a2

Since Mod 10 hit, some of the cool-down mechanics for HR have been slightly modified causing some gaps timing gaps for most of the usual HR encounters. This new setup is going to deliver high DPS with minimal pauses between encounters.

DPS – Dodge buff


Cauldron deals a ton of good damage combined with Constricting Arrow to trigger thorns. Use all your range encounters, switch to melee, use all your melee encounter and by the time you are done your range encounters have all cooled-down. Fox’s Cunning gives you and your party a free dodge, which sounds cheap but is a really big deal. Most of the time you’ll all be dodging AoE’s and having this buff up allows you to live through that mistimed dodge.

*This encounter set is also very good for solo play

DPS – Long Range DPS


This does not work for solo. This works when you are in a big group. The range encounters all deal damage and the melee version of these encounters do not need a target so you can cast them from afar to cool down all your range encounters. Additionally, the Hawk’s Eye buff is a really cool damage dealer. This that one skill where you can deal millions of damage with one hit.

How Hawk’s Eye damage works: You buff you party members with the skill and what ever skill they use, you deal again with a damage bonus, plus buffs and crit (if it triggers).



Some level of DPS, much less compared to other setups but this will give your party a damage boost plus the dodge buff of Fox’s Cunning. If you don’t exactly have your gears yet, this is a good rotation because you boost your entire party. Basically, the amount of buff you are giving will far outweigh the damage you would have dealt.

HR Mod 10b2