This is another good build for low item level characters. It can generate a decent amount of damage early and has a good set of encounters that gives the Control Wizard plenty of time to dodge attacks. It works best for mob control but it can also do a decent job against single targets. This build is also decent for solo runs.

I. Gears and Ability Roll


Fairly similar to most DPS classes. You’ll want a decent amount of Arm Pen and Crit. Prioritize getting 60% Resistance Ignored and 50% Crit Chance before investing into power.

For defensive stats, I chose to go with Life Steal and HP. Defensive resistance does not work well on this one, so you’ll want as much maximum hp as possible so you will have plenty of opportunities to steal your life back before getting knocked down.

Sigil of the devoted is great for this build so you can keep casting dailies.

II. Feats


This is the best configuration I have for this build. There could be some tweaks you can make, but I’m pretty sure this is the best one for a Spellstorm Mage Thaumaturge

III. Boons

Go with DPS boons. Just get the stats you need to get to the target Armor Penetration and Critical. This is a crit-based damage-dealing life-stealing hp-carrying build. Try to follow through with the concept.

IV. Encounters

A. Mob control encounter setup.


B. Single target setup