TwitchSo, the monthly Neverwinter Community Stream has just ended and here’s quick recap on some of the more interesting topics that were discussed:

Neverwinter will be launched on the PlayStation 4 on July 19. It’s possible to download the game on the platform on July 12, but the server won’t be live until the launch. There is also an Onyx Headstart Pack available for purchase on the same day the game becomes available to download.

There will be a new mount called the Rainbow Starry Panther. It’s in line with celebrating diversity during “Pride” month. The mount is pretty nice, it’s basically a multi-colored version of the Starry Panther which also leaves behind a rainbow trail


Cross-platforming is definitely out of the question. The main reason is the contrasting economies between the different servers. PW has no way of predicting what will happen if they bring everyone together given that the PC server is much older than the Xbox One.

Class balancing is definitely coming with the new mod. They are working on buffing up the classes that need the most help, like the Scourge Warlock, no word on the classes that need nerfs. There will also be three new adventure zones for mod 10, not just three maps. The developer blog for the upcoming content should be updated very soon.

Some people were asking to increase the Oathbound Paladins’ bubble to 10 seconds. But @strumslinger said that they are not considering it at this point in time. They do recognize that OPs need a better way to get aggro, so they are looking into that.

The developers are also apparently aware of the havoc that the new change to bonding runestones have done and @strumslinger assured everyone that it will be fixed.

The upcoming Summer Festival will have body paints, and of course, the chance to get a legendary mount (Tenser’s Floating Disc). So it’s definitely worth looking out for. There will also be a new fashion set.


For PVP, there was already a post from one of the devs on the PVP section of the forums. It appears they are looking to add a new type of game. @strumslinger also said they want to bring the NCL back to the PC and introduce it to the Xbox One.

Finally, there’s some good news for Great Weapon Fighters. They have made a lot of progress in working out the kinks causing the unstoppable bug, hopefully, it will be fixed soon.

You also check out the video here.