Castle Never is the newest dungeon in Neverwinter. It has the highest item level requirement, and arguably, also has the best rewards. However, it is quite tricky to complete. Hopefully, this guide will help you out.

Once you spawn in Castle Never, it’s pretty straight forward, kill the demons (these are strong, by the way) then move forward, enter a hallway and kill more demons. After that, you will reach the room with five tears.


You can choose to go about this any way you want, you can each take a tear and dispatch the demons on the other side, or you can help each other out. Once you’ve finished off all the demons in this are, you may proceed through the doors, kill even more demons before getting to your first boss.

Tal’Gath the Undying:

screenshot_2016-06-27-07-20-58 copy

Once this boss fights starts, quickly scatter. He has a skill where he targets two characters and pulls them together, they will explode and suffer a lot of damage once there are close enough to each other. Ideally, you want to spread far enough from one another so you have time to fight against the pull. It is a killer skill, so be sure to watch out for this.

Other than that one particular skill, there is nothing too hard about this boss. Just stay away from the red areas.

After that first boss fight, you will now head for a room full of zombies and at the end is a big demon. Don’t take this one lightly, it’s just as capable of wiping everyone out as the first boss, so be careful.


***Tank tip: get aggro then stand behind him. Keep him facing away from the rest of your party. Be sure to block his attacks.

Next, you fight even more demons and zombies. It’s just pretty standard from here until you get to the big tear.


The idea here is to prevent the zombies from getting to that big green orb. Also, you might want to stay away from it because its pulses can do some damage.

***Tank tip: If you are using a twisted set, this is a good time to max out your paranoia. Just stand inside the green orb for a few hits.

Cthylarr the Illithilich:

screenshot_2016-06-27-07-25-34 copy

In my opinion, this is the easiest boss fight in Castle Never. There’s only one thing to watch out for here. At some point in the fight, he will reverse the room and you fall to the spikes on the ceiling, suffering some damage.

screenshot_2016-06-27-07-25-38 copy

It’s not a lot of damage. You should all survive as long as everyone stayed healthy before he turned the place upside down. If you have a healer it’s a good idea to stay relatively close to each other so your healer can easily hit everyone with his spells. Either way, there’s no really big AoE from this boss that will benefit from everyone being grouped up.

After the second boss, is the dark hallway. No, there’s nothing wrong with your screen, this area really is pitch dark. Just try your best to navigate through this area. You can check your map to plan your route. I also put a map guide below.


You can prevent the zombies in this area from waking up if you jump your way througj.

The next area is the gauntlet of green orbs that is known to be the hardest part of Castle never. I’ve taken the liberty of marking the safe places in this are on the map above.

***Tank tip: you can block the damage of the orbs, just keep your shield facing the core.

***Dodge tip: Don’t dodge the orb itself, dodge the pulses. If everyone knows how to time their dodges you can easily just run through this.

(Below is the conservative approach)

In the first area, follow the orb closely moving forward, then quickly go the doorway while the orb is still in the corner off the hallway (it will come right back so don’t delay).


Don’t follow the dotted line! wait for the orb to pass then use the left hallway. Stay on the left side of this room and wait for the orb to pass before moving to the next room.

Quickly go the small enclose area in front of you before the orb arrives.


Wait for the orb to pass then quickly run yp the corner of the L-shaped hall way.



This is last part, and you will have to fight off demons in the next room, so take your time here. Wait for everyone to arrive before moving forward.

***Tank tip: you’ll want to be the first to move to the next room, wait for the orb to pass first, then follow it moving forward. Get the aggro of the mobs in the room then lure them to the left.


The left side of the final room is the best place to fight off the demons. The orbs won’t reach you there.


screenshot_2016-06-27-07-28-37 copy

Orcus is really not that hard of you have a good tank. Just don’t get too close and watch out for the green orbs that will eventually spawn from the corners of the room. Just avoid them when they come out and continue hitting Orcus after they have passed.

***Tank tip: Keep your shield up! You will want to activate Steel Defense when you cast Into the Fray. If you don’t have this class feature, then at least make sure you are at full health first before casting anything.


If you fail to kill off Orcus quickly, he will fly up and summon a green orb and zombies. This is just like the area before the second boss, just keep those zombies from reaching that orb in the middle. Once the phase is done, don’t stay in the middle, when Orcus lands, he will deal a ton of damage to everyone near him.

Continue hitting Orcus and he should fall eventually.