One of the key contents that you will have to sink your teeth into eventually is battling dragons. This is probably already something you already do in the Tyranny of Dragons campaign, but this portion of the game really culminates in the Well of Dragons where you get to fight Tiamat’s heralds and the five-headed dragon himself.

Tiamat’s Heralds :

This event happens every 45th minute of each hour in the Well of Dragons map.


The first thing you want to do is head over to the Well of Dragons at the 30th minute of the hour and wait for someone to call out for an instance where they are starting to organize for a dragon run. Just quickly transfer to the map being called or ask for an invite from the person shouting if his instance is already greyed out. The run always starts with the green dragon (upper right of the map), so head over there quickly before the heralds arrive.

Try your best to keep up with everyone, it’s pretty hectic. Chances are there are 40 of you hitting that dragon. Once the dragon dies, quickly get on your mount and run to the next dragon. Dragons are killed in clock-wise order so head over to the blue dragon next, then the red one, and so on.

It also helps if you can join a dragon run channel. These channels are usually more organized and can kill more dragons than public instances. Just ask in the zone, and if you are lucky, you’ll find someone to invite you. Don’t push your luck and spam, that’s the easiest way to get ignored permanently.

For running heralds, you are rewarded with resonance stones, among other things. These stones are the best items to upgrade your artifact gears with. If you need the cash, you sell them at the auction house.

Temple of Tiamat:

Temple of Tiamat is a 25-man dungeon that requires you to be at least at 1,800 item level to enter. Although I suggest that you only participate in this when you are above 2,500 item level, so you don’t end up being a liability.

It is best to do Temple of Tiamat when the hoard reclamation is already at 100%. This unlocks the best possible reward for a win and at the same time, everyone gets a really big boost to make the dungeon easier.

Tiamat5 Tiamat6 Tiamat7

Temple of Tiamat opens for five minutes at the top of every hour. This means that you can only join the instance at 12:00-12:05, then at 1:00-1:05 and so on. You can join by yourself in a public queue but the chances of success are slim that way. Ideally, you’ll want to wait in Protector’s Enclave for someone trying to organize a 25-man party. You can also spam in the Looking for Group channel. It’s better to do this at least 10 minutes before the next hour starts as groups for a Tiamat run tend to fill up quickly.

When you start the Dungeon, just follow your party. You will need to kill the summoners first at the start. After you manage to kill them, Tiamat will come out. Clerics will appear and they will try to weaken Tiamat so he can be attacked.

Protect the clerics from the mobs being spawned. A progress bar for the three clerics is on the right side of your screen, if one cleric is lagging behind, go there and help that group in protecting their man.


When Tiamat is weakened, do not rush forward. Notice that there is a red line, on the ground. Crossing this red line will not only damage you, it might also bug the instance. Once the instance is bugged, it’s a good as a loss. So don’t rush in!

Once all five heads have surfaced, the red line on the ground will disappear, that’s when you can start hacking away on the targets. The idea here is to kill all five heads before the timer runs out. If there is one head remaining by the end of the phase, all killed-off heads will just respawn with a small portion of their health returned.


One good strategy is for everyone to attack one head and just bring him down to about an eighth of his health before moving to the next. When the phase ends, hopefully, you will have sufficiently reduced the health of first two dragons heads and a good portion of the third one.

Tiamat will rise again after the phase and you will have to go back to protecting the clerics. Once the heads are back, just continue what you did in the previous phase and hopefully, you’ll have all heads ready to be dispatched the next time they come out.

In the last phase, it’s better to split up into two groups to save time on traveling.