The Summer Festival is back and there are some really awesome rewards available this time. If you were around for this event last year, you probably already know that the least reward you can get for participating here is a blue mount that can run at +80% movement speed. All you need to do is claim your daily Favor of Sune.

This year, however, you have a chance to get a Legendary mount (of course, the chances are probably extremely low). In my opinion, this event is worth farming regardless.


Aside from the Legendary mount, The Summer Festival also offers some rank 7 enchants and a really cool fashion set.

The first thing you want to do is travel to the Summer Festival map. You’ll find an NPC there waiting for you with an introduction to the event. Get your first quests out of the way so you can start farming the real meat of this year’s Summer Festival.


Sahha Ball

Sahha Ball is the new addition to the Summer Festival. This is also where you get the best rewards. The quest from the main NPC will lead you to the character you will have talk to in order to start participating in this part of the event.


Just follow the quests, which will unlock your first skill and allow you to queue for a match (It’s on the event section on your queue window). Be sure to get the “Your Very Own Sahha Ball” quest before queueing.


Sahha ball is basically Football(Soccer) combined with Volleyball. If you find this boring, don’t worry, farming this event won’t require you to play any more matches other than the first one.


After your first match and picking flowers, you will receive a 100% discount voucher for a Sahha Ticket-Ball from the Zen Market. At the same time, you will also get materials for crafting another Sahha Ticket-Ball.


You will also probably notice that you can now start your daily quests for Sahha Ticket-Balls. Go ahead and do this, you will either gather flowers or play a Sahha Ball match (remember I told you not to worry if you hate Sahha ball). The daily quest rewards you with materials for crafting a Sahha Ticket ball. So, on your first day, you will get three Sahha Ticket-Balls, you can get an additional Ticket-Ball in each of the following days of the event.


Now, on to the hard part. Sahha Ticket-Balls have a chance of dropping copper, silver, or even mithril tickets. Which is what you can use to get those super juicy rewards. The problem is, you need to do a lot of volleys first before you get a chance to win tickets.

The idea behind the Sahha Ticket-Ball is to volley the ball around causing it to drop loot. You have to keep the ball in the air, if it hits the ground it will explode. You will also have a maximum of 30 volleys before it disappears. You’ll want to do this as a group. Volleys are shared, if one person in your party hits the ball, everyone gets a volley and they get rewarded for it.

There are many ways to do this, Never Unblogged recently posted a simple trick to get the most out of Sahha Ticket-Balls.

As with any aspect of this game involving the RNG, you’ll want to have as many tries as possible with each attempt. I would recommend piling up a good amount of mithril tickets first before attempting the raffle. I have heard of someone using 30 mithril tickets to get a Legendary mount and ended up with nothing (just so you know how low the chances are). It’s possible that purple mounts have better chances but I cannot confirm this.

Anyway, at least the new fashion item is really nice and you can buy this with copper tickets. Silver tickets can be used to buy Rank 7 enchants and Insignias.


If you enjoyed playing Sahha Ball, then you should probably keep playing it. You can be rewarded with a mithril ticket for winning a match.