Storm King's THunder

PWE were keen on showing off Neverwinter’s new mod, Storm King’s Thunder, to everyone on their community stream before it goes live. @strumslinger was joined by NW Content Designer @SeanMcann14 during the broadcast where they took everyone on a tour of the new adventure zones for the upcoming mod. Here are some of the noteworthy discussion during the live stream:

One of the coolest new additions to Storm King’s Thunder is the new character selection screen. The primary color has now changed from red to blue and there are boats in the background. There will also be a new soundtrack for mod 10.

Storm King's Thunder Character Screen

Storm King’s Thunder Character Screen

Another nice addition to Storm King’s Thunder is a quality  of life adjustment for the map. Previously whenever we travel to an adventure zone, we have to go to the key city first before we can transfer to the other locations in that zone. The change in mod 10 will now allow players to directly travel to any location in any adventure zone directly. If you happen to be in Draven Valley, you no longer have to go to PE first before heading to your stronghold.

@SeanMcann14 confirmed that there will be no new weapons for Storm King’s Thunder. The new mod will focus only on the new armor sets. The components for making the new high tier armor sets will be a reward on the latest dungeon, Flamebreaker Island.

Considering that Flamebreaker Island is very difficult, the mods will be observing the new dungeon when it goes live and will adjust the rewards accordingly.

New Mount In Storm King's Thunder

New Mount In Storm King’s Thunder

Storm King’s Thunder will also feature the Manticore mount which will be available in both Legendary and Epic variants through the new lockbox.

PWE also took the time to address the future of Neverwinter during their community stream. Firstly, the current wave of class balancing only represents the start of the direction on which they are planning to take the game into. They hinted that there will be more changes to come for the other classes in the future, they are just avoiding doing too many things at the same time.

A Dual-spec feature is something that is currently on their radar and they would like to see it added into the game eventually. However, it is a difficult task and there are just more pressing matters that they need to attend to at this point in time.

For the complete stream click here.