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The Summer Festival and Sahha Ball Guide


The Summer Festival is back and there are some really awesome rewards available this time. If you were around for this event last year, you probably already know that the least reward you can get for participating here is a blue mount that can run at +80% movement speed. All you need to do is claim your daily Favor of Sune.

This year, however, you have a chance to get a Legendary mount (of course, the chances are probably extremely low). In my opinion, this event is worth farming regardless.


Aside from the Legendary mount, The Summer Festival also offers some rank 7 enchants and a really cool fashion set.

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Guide to Castle Never


Castle Never is the newest dungeon in Neverwinter. It has the highest item level requirement, and arguably, also has the best rewards. However, it is quite tricky to complete. Hopefully, this guide will help you out.

Once you spawn in Castle Never, it’s pretty straight forward, kill the demons (these are strong, by the way) then move forward, enter a hallway and kill more demons. After that, you will reach the room with five tears.


You can choose to go about this any way you want, you can each take a tear and dispatch the demons on the other side, or you can help each other out. Once you’ve finished off all the demons in this are, you may proceed through the doors, kill even more demons before getting to your first boss.

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Neverwinter: Well of Dragons Guide – Heralds to Temple of Tiamat


One of the key contents that you will have to sink your teeth into eventually is battling dragons. This is probably already something you already do in the Tyranny of Dragons campaign, but this portion of the game really culminates in the Well of Dragons where you get to fight Tiamat’s heralds and the five-headed dragon himself.

Tiamat’s Heralds :

This event happens every 45th minute of each hour in the Well of Dragons map.


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Neverwinter Companion Guide


Companions are a big deal in Neverwinter. They are not just there to keep you company, they can actually really give your character a considerable boost. They can act as a permanent party member and they also give you some really good bonus abilities or stats, depending on which companion you get.


You are allowed five active companions in Neverwinter when you hit Max Level. You may, of course, take as many companions as your Idle Companions inventory allows (it is basically a separate bag, it is possible to expand this, but it is very rare that you will ever need that many idle companions). But, only the bonuses of the active companions will be applied to your character.

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