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Guardian Fighter Iron Vanguard Tactician for Mod 10


The Guardian Fighter received many changes for mod 10 and most tanks, especially Tacticians, are left scratching their heads wondering how to keep their class relevant.

Actually, the Guardian Fighter’s buff is still quite strong even after they were nerfed in mod 10. Second, the reworks have allowed the class some level of variation rather than just loading on Defense.

Firstly, why should you go Iron Vanguard?

Make no mistake, the Sword Master build is still pretty good. One big weakness that the Iron Vanguard has is the lack of Steel Defense which acts as a quick 3.5-second bailout for when you find yourself in a pinch. However, the Iron Vanguard has Ferocious Reaction which heals you right up whenever your HP hits a critical level. I admit it is not quite as good as Steel Defense, but the Iron Vanguard has some useful powers that you can use to really help your party.

Let’s start with the basics.

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Breaking Down the Three Guardian Fighter Types

One of the most frequent questions I encounter when it comes to new guardian fighters is: “which of the three feats path is the best to take.” Simple answer is: “it all depends on what you want to do with your guardian fighter.” Basically all three can do the same things but at the same time there are critical differences between them. So, on this post I’m going to break the three types of guardian fighters down to their usual roles. (Updated for Mod 10).

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GF – Tactician Build (Mod 10 Updated)

GF Tactician has a slight difference compared to the  GF Protector. It still is basically a tank, but it’s potential to buff up offense is much higher while the ability to keep everyone alive has been slightly lowered.



Gear Orientation : Build towards Defense (Up to a Damage Resistance of 80%), HP, and Recovery (Recharging Speed).

Feats Tree :



  • Slightly Better buffs
  • High AP regeneration
  • AP regeneration for the entire party


  • Low DPS
  • Easily beaten 1 vs 1 in PVP
  • Slightly faster guard consumption
  • No additional feats to improve party’s defensive resistance

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My GF – Hybrid Protector Build (Mod 10 Updated)


Feats Tree

GF Protectors are one of the easier to use PVE builds of guardian fighter when you are still starting out in Neverwinter.


  • Better tanking ability
  • Hitting opponents also lowers their damage
  • Better guard regeneration
  • Buff offense and defense of party


  • Low DPS
  • Less AP recharging buffs compared to tactician

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