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Newbie’s Guide to Self-sufficiency in Neverwinter (mod 10)


The Seven Suns Coster Market

How do I farm astral diamonds? I’m almost level 70 or lvl 70 already, what do I do? What do I do to get strong in Neverwinter? Answers to these questions can be varied, and sometimes not very helpful.

In this guide, I am going to detail one way of getting to self-sufficiency in Neverwinter.

Let me explain what my idea of self-sufficiency is. Firstly you are making at least 72,000 astral diamonds a day. Second, you are an asset in delves. Lastly, you have access to all content in the game.

Getting the right gears

Let’s start by understanding what kind of gears you need. Do you understand your class yet? Do you already know how  you are supposed to play it? Priority one for you should be knowing how to play your class.Read your class forums, watch videos on youtube, check out some Neverwinter twitch streams, you need to get a sense of how your class is best played.

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Dealing With the new Trade bar Store Changes

With the arrival of the changes in the trade bar store, I felt the need to get something out here and hope that people will not be too disheartened by the recent changes.


It’s Gone!

We all know what the recent changes are. It has caused some very stressful and demoralizing discussions in forums, zone chat, even in party and guild chat. It has not been easy for anyone, especially for guild officers. We have been part of helping everyone get their gears or at least be on the way to getting their gears, then Cryptic suddenly throws us a curve ball.

In case you still don’t know what I’m talking about, coalescent wards, preservation wards, and blood rubies have been removed from the trade bar store.

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Essential Information for new Neverwinter Players

In this post you will find questions that all Neverwinter starters should ask and the best answers I can give for those questions. These are basically all the information that I wish I knew when I first started playing Neverwinter. If you are still new to Neverwinter, wondering if you should play it, or an old player who left too early and is wondering if he should come back, then I hope these answers will help you.

This is a guide posted on January 27, 2016 for Neverwinter PC.  I’m indicating the date here since many things change in Neverwinter and most of time. The most recent guide is the best guide.

  • Is Neverwinter Pay to Win?

Let us first discuss the two main currencies in Neverwinter. The currency that you purchase using real money is called Zen, while the most important currency generated in-game is called astral diamonds (there are several currencies in the game). Zen is used to purchase in-game services, unlocking the dragon born race, mounts, keys to open lockboxes, powerful companions, etc. Astral diamonds are used to purchase items from other players through the auction house, purchase important refining ingredients from the wondrous bazaar, upgrading stronghold buildings, and many more.


Now, Neverwinter allows you to purchase Zen from other players through a Zen exchange market. Since it takes a lot of time and effort to grind astral diamonds, players who do not want to spend too much time farming would rather purchase Zen and trade them for astral diamonds with other players. So, this effectively puts all players in a position to purchase any item in the game through grinding or through using real money. If you have the time and don’t want to spend real money, then you can grind astral diamonds and exchange it for Zen if needed. If you don’t have the time and don’t mind spending money, then you can purchase zen and exchange it for astral diamonds. To answer the question, there is some element of “pay to win” in Neverwinter, but I would rather describe it as “pay to win early”. Free players can still achieve what a paying player has, but it will take more time to get it.

To answer the question, there is some element of “pay to win” in Neverwinter, but I would rather describe it as “pay to win early”. Free players can still achieve what a paying player has, but it will take more time to get it.

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Breaking Down the Three Guardian Fighter Types

One of the most frequent questions I encounter when it comes to new guardian fighters is: “which of the three feats path is the best to take.” Simple answer is: “it all depends on what you want to do with your guardian fighter.” Basically all three can do the same things but at the same time there are critical differences between them. So, on this post I’m going to break the three types of guardian fighters down to their usual roles. (Updated for Mod 10).

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