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Review of the New Life Lockbox

Let’s start with the Companions:



So the new augment companions come in both epic and legendary rank. The three new augment companions are actually quite useful, and if you are lucky enough to get it at legendary then you just saved yourself the one million astral diamonds needed to upgrade from epic to legendary.

The new artifact is the horn of Valhalla, not to be confused withe horn of Lostmauth.

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What I want out of this blog

There are just not enough guides out there for Neverwinter online, and so many players leave the game because they just can’t figure the game out. Grinding and farming in Neverwinter is unlike any other MMORP out there. There are different currencies, and the most important currency (astral diamonds) are not dropped by mobs, nor by selling loot to NPC’s.

So, in this blog I will be posting my adventures in Neverwinter, some of my thoughts, and fun events that happened online. More importantly, I will also be posting guides to try to help everyone to enjoy the game. So, stay tuned as i begin to build up the contents of this blog.

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