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Developer Stream: Storm King’s Thunder

Storm King's THunder

PWE were keen on showing off Neverwinter’s new mod, Storm King’s Thunder, to everyone on their community stream before it goes live. @strumslinger was joined by NW Content Designer @SeanMcann14 during the broadcast where they took everyone on a tour of the new adventure zones for the upcoming mod. Here are some of the noteworthy discussion during the live stream:

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Newbie’s Guide to Self-sufficiency in Neverwinter (mod 10)


The Seven Suns Coster Market

How do I farm astral diamonds? I’m almost level 70 or lvl 70 already, what do I do? What do I do to get strong in Neverwinter? Answers to these questions can be varied, and sometimes not very helpful.

In this guide, I am going to detail one way of getting to self-sufficiency in Neverwinter.

Let me explain what my idea of self-sufficiency is. Firstly you are making at least 72,000 astral diamonds a day. Second, you are an asset in delves. Lastly, you have access to all content in the game.

Getting the right gears

Let’s start by understanding what kind of gears you need. Do you understand your class yet? Do you already know how  you are supposed to play it? Priority one for you should be knowing how to play your class.Read your class forums, watch videos on youtube, check out some Neverwinter twitch streams, you need to get a sense of how your class is best played.

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New Life Lockbox


Neverwinter just released their new lockbox. The New Life lockbox includes new augment pets which you get in epic class or legendary class. It’s really great that you can now obtain pets at legendary class, I think we all agree that one million astral diamonds is just way too much to spend just to get 15% of your pet’s stats. Anyway I’ll try to post more information about the new lock box as soon as I can. Stay tuned.

My First Post



So I have been playing Neverwinter online for about six months now. Bugs aside, it is has been a very enjoyable game, none of the extreme stresses of grinding that you see in most games. Unlike most of the other MMORPG’s I’ve played, the daily quests in Neverwinter are easy to finish and can only be done once a day or once a week, so as much as you would like to keep playing and grinding away, this part of the game pretty much reminds you to get back to your real life. This is the best part of the game for me.

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