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Control Wizard – Spellstorm Mage Thaumaturge


This is another good build for low item level characters. It can generate a decent amount of damage early and has a good set of encounters that gives the Control Wizard plenty of time to dodge attacks. It works best for mob control but it can also do a decent job against single targets. This build is also decent for solo runs.

I. Gears and Ability Roll


Fairly similar to most DPS classes. You’ll want a decent amount of Arm Pen and Crit. Prioritize getting 60% Resistance Ignored and 50% Crit Chance before investing into power.

For defensive stats, I chose to go with Life Steal and HP. Defensive resistance does not work well on this one, so you’ll want as much maximum hp as possible so you will have plenty of opportunities to steal your life back before getting knocked down.

Sigil of the devoted is great for this build so you can keep casting dailies.

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Great Weapon Fighter – Destroyer


This is the stereotypical build of the Great Weapon Fighter. GWF are one of the most accessible characters in Neverwinter. They gain strength very early making them one of the best characters to start with.

Treat this as an introductory build, it’s not the best build out there, but this is a decent build that works well on a budget.

I. Gears and Ability Roll


The Great Weapon Fighter is a very straight forward DPS class. Try to take advantage of the high initial return of stats. Invest some stats on Critical Strike and Armor Penetration for offense and A little Life Steal for defense.

Ideally you will want 60% Resistance Ignored and 50% chance for critical strike. 5% chance to steal life is also pretty decent. Destroyers have a feat that gives a bonus to Power for the amount of Defense stats so you’ll want to take advantage of that.

For weapon enchantments, you want to go for the best DPS boost. Vorpal and Feytouched is a very good option. Dread only works on Encounters so It’s not a good idea for the at-will dependent Great Weapon Fighter.

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Hunter Ranger – Trapper PVE


(Post updated for Mod 10) In my opinion, the Huner Ranger is the most enjoyable class to play in Neverwinter. Of course, this does not mean that it is the best class. It’s not exactly the best at

In my opinion, the Huner Ranger is the most enjoyable class to play in Neverwinter. Of course, this does not mean that it is the best class. It’s not exactly the best at dps nor is it a viable buffer Class, and tanking is definitely out of the question. One other issue with Huner Ranger as a whole, is that the Trapper is the only good path to take

Well, at least, Trappers are fun to play. The path is pure encounter executions. You basically rarely ever use at-wills and dailies. You will always have an encounter cooled-down so you will always be doing something really cool.

I. Gears and Ability Roll


Wheel of Elements is very key here. It gives you an instant 30% damage boost as long as you make sure you catch that flame buff. I’ve opted for the Lostmauth set because it is a good cost-effective option, but if you can afford the Underdark artifact set, it will give you better damage.

Dread Enchantment is flat out the best weapon enchantment for Trappers. As previously stated, encounters will be the source of almost all the damage this build dishes out.

For gear stats, try to get some arm pen, at least 60% resistance ignored is good enough. You’ll want to pump out as much crit as you can. 50% is ok, but you can try to aim for 60%. Power pretty easy to obtain in terms of gears, you will always have plenty of this stat from any gear you choose so I would not be too concerned about it. For defensive stats, you will want life-steal and deflect.

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Breaking Down the Three Guardian Fighter Types

One of the most frequent questions I encounter when it comes to new guardian fighters is: “which of the three feats path is the best to take.” Simple answer is: “it all depends on what you want to do with your guardian fighter.” Basically all three can do the same things but at the same time there are critical differences between them. So, on this post I’m going to break the three types of guardian fighters down to their usual roles. (Updated for Mod 10).

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