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Devoted Cleric – Power buffer AP Regenerator


This is an all-around build for the Devoted Cleric. It has good heals, Gift of Haste to help regenerate the party’s AP and can buff up everyone’s power, giving them a decent DPS.

I. Gears and Ability Roll


Both healing and buffs for this build will depend on your Dedicated Cleric’s Power stat. The higher, the better. But, you will also want some Recovery to go with it in order to quickly recharge your own AP and reduce the cool-down time of your encounters.

For defense, it’s better to go with the Defense stat, you’ll have plenty of DR increasing spells so you’ll want to stack up on that specific aspect of your character.

Sigil of the Devoted has good stats for this build and has a very useful activation effect. This makes it the perfect artifact to have.

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Dealing with the balance changes

The power balances are in and I’m pretty sure this is just the first wave. Regardless of what comes next, these nerfs are a real doozy for most of us. In order to adapt, we will really have to change the way we play.

So, here’s my quick guide in how to approach the latest changes in Neverwinter.


Lostmauth Set

In case you didn’t know, the lostmauth set added an additional 100% damage to your crit that scaled with power and buffs. But, on the tool tip, the damage the set should deal is supposed to be based on weapon damage. So, Cryptic decided to remove the scaling of the lostmauth set.

This makes sense, the previous state of the Lostmauth set has put all the other artifact sets to shame.

So, if you are a DPS character that uses Lostmauth set, expect your damage to drop significantly. On CW i tested an almost 30% drop in my DPS compared to before.

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