This post is about how I usually run Epic Demogorgon with guild mates and friends and a few quick tips for you, so hopefully you too can always get a gold score on every run. Now, I am showing you Epic Demogorgon, but since Normal Demogorgon is just an easier version of it, then you can basically just apply the same principles and get the same results if not better.


We usually have at least two utility classes in our party, it depends on which classes are available. Any combination of the three utility classes will work fine. In fact, having all three classes is also a good idea as long as you can all coordinate your buffs and debuffs. Make sure that you have quality DPS, you don’t want someone with high item levels if his gears are all wrong. This is why I always discourage pushing for item levels just so you can run dungeons, it won’t matter if you have high item levels, if you are a liability to the team you will always have a hard time getting good results.

***Queue Group update***
With the implementation of the new queue system, I suggest having two parties following the above configuration. However, if one party is strong enough, who cares who’s on the second party.

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