This is the stereotypical build of the Great Weapon Fighter. GWF are one of the most accessible characters in Neverwinter. They gain strength very early making them one of the best characters to start with.

Treat this as an introductory build, it’s not the best build out there, but this is a decent build that works well on a budget.

I. Gears and Ability Roll


The Great Weapon Fighter is a very straight forward DPS class. Try to take advantage of the high initial return of stats. Invest some stats on Critical Strike and Armor Penetration for offense and A little Life Steal for defense.

Ideally you will want 60% Resistance Ignored and 50% chance for critical strike. 5% chance to steal life is also pretty decent. Destroyers have a feat that gives a bonus to Power for the amount of Defense stats so you’ll want to take advantage of that.

For weapon enchantments, you want to go for the best DPS boost. Vorpal and Feytouched is a very good option. Dread only works on Encounters so It’s not a good idea for the at-will dependent Great Weapon Fighter.

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