If you are new or just returning after a very long break, odds are you are a bit perplexed by the mount system in the game. It’s not exactly something that is common in MMO’s and it can get confusing even with the in-game tutorials. Regardless, the mount system can be a source of some very useful bonuses and everyone should really try to take advantage of it.

1.) Accessing the Mount System


You are allowed to have up to 5 mounts active, however, you will not be getting all of their equip bonuses. Instead, you will get all the stat bonuses from the Insignias you equip your mounts with. You can, on the other hand, select the equip bonuses of one of your mounts as well as one of their speed bonuses. Plus, you can select the skin of any mount you currently own (no need for that mount to be active).

You are allowed to keep Insignias equipped on your mounts even when you swap them out. So, don’t throw away those extra Insignias just yet (Green Insignias drop randomly from regular mobs, be sure to watch out of those).

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