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Dealing with the balance changes

The power balances are in and I’m pretty sure this is just the first wave. Regardless of what comes next, these nerfs are a real doozy for most of us. In order to adapt, we will really have to change the way we play.

So, here’s my quick guide in how to approach the latest changes in Neverwinter.


Lostmauth Set

In case you didn’t know, the lostmauth set added an additional 100% damage to your crit that scaled with power and buffs. But, on the tool tip, the damage the set should deal is supposed to be based on weapon damage. So, Cryptic decided to remove the scaling of the lostmauth set.

This makes sense, the previous state of the Lostmauth set has put all the other artifact sets to shame.

So, if you are a DPS character that uses Lostmauth set, expect your damage to drop significantly. On CW i tested an almost 30% drop in my DPS compared to before.

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Epic Lair of Lostmauth – Guardian fighter’s guid to tanking the two scorpions

screenshot_2015-12-11-09-23-56 copy

The second boss of the epic Lair of Lostmauth dungeon is probably the most frustrating battle of all the tier one dungeons in Neverwinter.  Guardian fighter’s will find this encounter especially difficult since there are two bosses and that deal large AoE damage and often a guardian fighter will find himself the only survivor while rest of his party has just been wiped out.

If you have a trickster rogue in your party, it’s probably a good idea to have him lure one of the scorpions away while the rest of the party dispatches the other. Another option is for the guardian fighter to tank one scorpion roughly 30 feet away while the rest of the party dispatches the other.

The trick is to tank the scorpion in such a manner that it is facing away from the rest of your party while you stay close enough to keep your party buffed.

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