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Guide To The Neverwinter Mount System


If you are new or just returning after a very long break, odds are you are a bit perplexed by the mount system in the game. It’s not exactly something that is common in MMO’s and it can get confusing even with the in-game tutorials. Regardless, the mount system can be a source of some very useful bonuses and everyone should really try to take advantage of it.

1.) Accessing the Mount System


You are allowed to have up to 5 mounts active, however, you will not be getting all of their equip bonuses. Instead, you will get all the stat bonuses from the Insignias you equip your mounts with. You can, on the other hand, select the equip bonuses of one of your mounts as well as one of their speed bonuses. Plus, you can select the skin of any mount you currently own (no need for that mount to be active).

You are allowed to keep Insignias equipped on your mounts even when you swap them out. So, don’t throw away those extra Insignias just yet (Green Insignias drop randomly from regular mobs, be sure to watch out of those).

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Control Wizard – Spellstorm Mage Thaumaturge


This is another good build for low item level characters. It can generate a decent amount of damage early and has a good set of encounters that gives the Control Wizard plenty of time to dodge attacks. It works best for mob control but it can also do a decent job against single targets. This build is also decent for solo runs.

I. Gears and Ability Roll


Fairly similar to most DPS classes. You’ll want a decent amount of Arm Pen and Crit. Prioritize getting 60% Resistance Ignored and 50% Crit Chance before investing into power.

For defensive stats, I chose to go with Life Steal and HP. Defensive resistance does not work well on this one, so you’ll want as much maximum hp as possible so you will have plenty of opportunities to steal your life back before getting knocked down.

Sigil of the devoted is great for this build so you can keep casting dailies.

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Devoted Cleric – Power buffer AP Regenerator


This is an all-around build for the Devoted Cleric. It has good heals, Gift of Haste to help regenerate the party’s AP and can buff up everyone’s power, giving them a decent DPS.

I. Gears and Ability Roll


Both healing and buffs for this build will depend on your Dedicated Cleric’s Power stat. The higher, the better. But, you will also want some Recovery to go with it in order to quickly recharge your own AP and reduce the cool-down time of your encounters.

For defense, it’s better to go with the Defense stat, you’ll have plenty of DR increasing spells so you’ll want to stack up on that specific aspect of your character.

Sigil of the Devoted has good stats for this build and has a very useful activation effect. This makes it the perfect artifact to have.

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Great Weapon Fighter – Destroyer


This is the stereotypical build of the Great Weapon Fighter. GWF are one of the most accessible characters in Neverwinter. They gain strength very early making them one of the best characters to start with.

Treat this as an introductory build, it’s not the best build out there, but this is a decent build that works well on a budget.

I. Gears and Ability Roll


The Great Weapon Fighter is a very straight forward DPS class. Try to take advantage of the high initial return of stats. Invest some stats on Critical Strike and Armor Penetration for offense and A little Life Steal for defense.

Ideally you will want 60% Resistance Ignored and 50% chance for critical strike. 5% chance to steal life is also pretty decent. Destroyers have a feat that gives a bonus to Power for the amount of Defense stats so you’ll want to take advantage of that.

For weapon enchantments, you want to go for the best DPS boost. Vorpal and Feytouched is a very good option. Dread only works on Encounters so It’s not a good idea for the at-will dependent Great Weapon Fighter.

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