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Hunter Ranger – Trapper PVE


(Post updated for Mod 10) In my opinion, the Huner Ranger is the most enjoyable class to play in Neverwinter. Of course, this does not mean that it is the best class. It’s not exactly the best at

In my opinion, the Huner Ranger is the most enjoyable class to play in Neverwinter. Of course, this does not mean that it is the best class. It’s not exactly the best at dps nor is it a viable buffer Class, and tanking is definitely out of the question. One other issue with Huner Ranger as a whole, is that the Trapper is the only good path to take

Well, at least, Trappers are fun to play. The path is pure encounter executions. You basically rarely ever use at-wills and dailies. You will always have an encounter cooled-down so you will always be doing something really cool.

I. Gears and Ability Roll


Wheel of Elements is very key here. It gives you an instant 30% damage boost as long as you make sure you catch that flame buff. I’ve opted for the Lostmauth set because it is a good cost-effective option, but if you can afford the Underdark artifact set, it will give you better damage.

Dread Enchantment is flat out the best weapon enchantment for Trappers. As previously stated, encounters will be the source of almost all the damage this build dishes out.

For gear stats, try to get some arm pen, at least 60% resistance ignored is good enough. You’ll want to pump out as much crit as you can. 50% is ok, but you can try to aim for 60%. Power pretty easy to obtain in terms of gears, you will always have plenty of this stat from any gear you choose so I would not be too concerned about it. For defensive stats, you will want life-steal and deflect.

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Dealing with the balance changes

The power balances are in and I’m pretty sure this is just the first wave. Regardless of what comes next, these nerfs are a real doozy for most of us. In order to adapt, we will really have to change the way we play.

So, here’s my quick guide in how to approach the latest changes in Neverwinter.


Lostmauth Set

In case you didn’t know, the lostmauth set added an additional 100% damage to your crit that scaled with power and buffs. But, on the tool tip, the damage the set should deal is supposed to be based on weapon damage. So, Cryptic decided to remove the scaling of the lostmauth set.

This makes sense, the previous state of the Lostmauth set has put all the other artifact sets to shame.

So, if you are a DPS character that uses Lostmauth set, expect your damage to drop significantly. On CW i tested an almost 30% drop in my DPS compared to before.

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Newbie’s Guide to Self-sufficiency in Neverwinter (mod 10)


The Seven Suns Coster Market

How do I farm astral diamonds? I’m almost level 70 or lvl 70 already, what do I do? What do I do to get strong in Neverwinter? Answers to these questions can be varied, and sometimes not very helpful.

In this guide, I am going to detail one way of getting to self-sufficiency in Neverwinter.

Let me explain what my idea of self-sufficiency is. Firstly you are making at least 72,000 astral diamonds a day. Second, you are an asset in delves. Lastly, you have access to all content in the game.

Getting the right gears

Let’s start by understanding what kind of gears you need. Do you understand your class yet? Do you already know how  you are supposed to play it? Priority one for you should be knowing how to play your class.Read your class forums, watch videos on youtube, check out some Neverwinter twitch streams, you need to get a sense of how your class is best played.

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Dealing With the new Trade bar Store Changes

With the arrival of the changes in the trade bar store, I felt the need to get something out here and hope that people will not be too disheartened by the recent changes.


It’s Gone!

We all know what the recent changes are. It has caused some very stressful and demoralizing discussions in forums, zone chat, even in party and guild chat. It has not been easy for anyone, especially for guild officers. We have been part of helping everyone get their gears or at least be on the way to getting their gears, then Cryptic suddenly throws us a curve ball.

In case you still don’t know what I’m talking about, coalescent wards, preservation wards, and blood rubies have been removed from the trade bar store.

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